Wednesday, September 16, 2015

//case of the reds//

{thumb} fire cracker :: morgan taylor
{pointer} pillar box red :: butter london
{middle} radiate :: occ
{ring} front row ::mischo beauty
{pinky} backstage beauty :: mischo beauty

//we have officially entered "confusing weather time"....crisp fall morning air & blazing afternoon sun. this morning i went to grab coffee in uggs & went to lunch in flip flops & blasting the a/c. so hot!!!! but my nails are ready for the {pre-fall} they is always a good choice...& depending on your shade of choice :: you are fancy or deep, dark & mysterious...i'm both of those today. & it's pretty cute "if i do say so myself...if i do say so myself"//

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


//polishes used//
nail foundation :: butter london
embellishments :: forever 21 (sold out)

//simplistic. my favorite type of nail art. especially as the seasons change. the rustic colors are beautiful yet simple. this weekend my friends & i head to another weekend filled with wedded bliss - be sure to watch that unfold via "the gram". it's always fun to reconnect with old buddies, share drinks & laughs, get gussied up only to rush back to the room to trade it all in for a pair of sweats...but isn't that the simplest way to end an evening?//

Thursday, August 13, 2015


//polishes used//
catwalk :: mischo beauty
matte finish topcoat :: butter london
gold foil

//i know what you are going to say..."why are your nails so short?!" oh no? "...where have you been??!" - sounds more like it. long story short :: new job, new commute, new house, new rent, more friends getting married, random trips, needed sleep. that's the long :: short of it. but i have missed blogging. i want to do it more. i plan to do it more. i resolve to be more consistent. first stop, a blog makeover. ...& about the nail length :: i went back & forth the other night about adding my length back {insert honesty} & much like the last few months...i just got lazy. so we will see what the next days will bring. i either want them really short or really lengthy. featured above is a fave polish of mine :: by {mischo beauty}. the polishes go on smooth, they are gorgeous shades, & thankfully 5-free. we all know how popular pastel polishes were this past winter :: so i am inducting a matte grey into our summertime lineup! #oppositeseasonshades & the gold foil makes it fancy so theres that...don't be afraid to let it run past the cuticle. after-all it is "" excited!//

::tip:: use rubbing alcohol + q-tip to restore the anti-shine to your mattes