Friday, April 11, 2014

{the commentary :: what nail polish means to a boy...}

image :: pinterest finding 

it's a sunny saturday stand at your local nail salon options wall & you obsess over the wave of polish colors you have been washed with...

you might ask yourself..."will it match everything i am wearing next week? is it too bright?, too sparkly?, too nude? (...theres no such thing btw), will my boyfriend like it? STOP. <---notice the caps, this is serious.

"will my boyfriend like it?" this a real question? to me it is. let me state one thing. i am still single. ok two things. i do not choose my nail polish on the happenstance that i might meet someone charming & he may or {may not} like my nail polish choice. however. a few months back i was having a conversation with a co-worker (male) about whether or not he notices his girlfriend's nails...i had to explain what i meant by know cuz he is a guy.

i said "you know, do notice the color, the length, if she changes it? if she stopped getting her nails done all together would you notice? do you even care?

well the world knows (women) that i should have stopped while i was ahead...because his definitive answer was "no"...but why he says "no" is what was of interest to me.

you argument is that nail polish is an "accessory", it is apart of personal maintenance, keeping yourself pulled together, it contributes to self esteem, confidence & occasionally it compliments your outfit...all which makes a women attractive in the first place.

his response..."no". lol. he says physical things like that are not necessary, women should'nt wear so much makeup, its a distraction & nail polish is fine, but it isn't necessary. when he is meeting a women for the first time the last thing he is looking at is her hands. in fact, it is an unnecessary expense.

"say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" <<--me. how could he say such a thing. i went on to explain that i agree that men don't make it a habit to check out a womens fingertips at first glance. but as you get to know someone, if that is apart of her "up keep"...if she were to stop. you would notice. much like i would notice if my man (potential) started to grow a beard out of nowhere would go something like this:

(me) "what, what is happening here..."
(him) what?
(me) what is going on with your face? you growing a beard now? when are you gonna shave?"

much like i would {expect} the convo to go like this in a reverse situation:

(him) whats going on with your nails, why is it missing in spots, is it supposed to be like that?
(me) no.
(him) you don't do that nail art stuff anymore? you aren't writing any blog posts about your lastest shopping trip to cvs?"
(me) funny, im out of nail polish remover
(him) well it looks weird, you should put some of that clear stuff on it..."

these rants are totally from a female point of view. because of that, we started polling other men. do they care? do they notice? likes? dislikes?

what rained down on me was suprising...& what i concluded was this: all men everywhere don't care about your nail polish. wear it, don't wear it. whatever. they aren't looking for it. but they do want you to look nice. but they don't want it to take alot of time & they don't want it to cost alot. but don't have too many colors on. & don't make them too long. what is nail art about? clear is just fine.

so there you have it ladies. i was hoping for more concern & attention to detail. but aren't we all? (women). so as you are standing at the wall of polish options it for you. because no one else (men) is paying attention anyway. :)

*from time to time i will rant about random things...the next post will be about nail polish. promise-promise.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

{the embellishment :: on the verge manicure

...can you see the {pinkish hue}? "yea fur suuuuure, it's like totally on the verge...."
that's my valley girl impression. get into it.

occ - nsfw
o.p.i sheer tinted topcoat - "be magentale with me" {sheer pink}

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{the embellishment :: the snow leopard manicure}

my new obsession :: nail art over clear nails. you'll be seeing it alot. 
get comfy ladies.

wearing :: 
pure ice - "superstar!"
nicka k - "plum paradise"
o.p.i. - "black onyx"