Friday, May 23, 2014

{the embellishment :: glitter rocket manicure}

every gal loves alittle glitter!'s taking it off that is the pain in the buns. so o.p.i has so cleverly come up with a glitter base coat that allows you to just chip the polish right off! now...let me rewind back like a year.5. i recall talking to another blogger about a photo i saw on pinterest ("i be pinning ya'll!") where a girl used elmers glue as a base for the glitter & it worked the same way. as with most things...i had the best intentions of trying it & blogging it. as you can see.......... welp, fast forward now o.p.i has beat us all to it. so naturally when i saw the bottle in the store i was like "i'm not buying that! thats just glue!" {one day i will do a post called {TRUE LIFE} :: i'm a product whore}

so a few more trips back to the store for the supplies later...i bought it. sue me! it's easy to use. goes on white & then dries clear (sound familiar!?!) i let it dry completely before i got my glitter on...then as you can see i couldn't leave well enough alone, so hot pink crescent moons for everyone!!!!

when it came time to remove's the thing...i was wearing a soft gel also at the time...soooooo most likely the 2 chemicals joined forces faster than the avengers when the world is on the brink of destruction & were stuck when i scrapped, the glitter polish came off...but so did my gel. boooooo. but that's ok. because i am a profressional & i just turned around & put it right back on...but don't you try this at home!

use the glitter base coat on natural nails only & you will be just fine & dandy. oh! & remember to use lots & lots of cuticle oil...too much is never enough...that's always my advice!

time to shine // morgan taylor
hot hot tamale // morgan taylor

Friday, May 16, 2014

{the outfit :: overall saturdays}

"oh what a night!" - elle varner...i can say that about last saturday's girls night. what's better than good food, drinks, & the art of karaoke (as my friend says "kare-oooo-kaaay"). this {neckpiece!} that's what! this isn't a new find, i've owned this for sometime. 

super-quick story :: the styleliner came to d.c. friend & i went to be nosey...i walked off the bus with this stunning (necklace, sparkly shoulder pads, military embellishment) neckpiece bank account shed a small tear & so did i. 
the end. 

so what does one wear to {not-participate-but-laugh-at-friends} sing kareoke? overalls! right. oh & a showstopper of a neckpiece. oh & booties, cute-cute booties. & clutch. ok, i'm dressed now. 

it was a nice night to be out, except for the fact that it was kinda chilly & i should have brought along a jacket. we park & my roommate whips her's out. lets just say i told her she wouldn't be needing it. guess who was wrong?...moooooooving on. you can't see my nails in these shots but they are coming up in a later post. but they just so happen to match my clutch...made by cortie, with love. (see what i did there?)

we get to the restaurant, we are meeting people, some we know & some we don't. unknowingly we walk past "the ones we don't" & are shown to our sing-a-long quarters. when "the ones we know" come in...they say the other half of the group said they weren't sure if "the girl in the overalls & heels was with us or not" that would be me. 

i havn't posted many outfits on here in along time. that is for several reasons. 1 being i just didn't feel like it...but i may do some more here & there if there is a random story to go with it. i am sure my imagination will allow me to come up with something. what you see above is all me. i love to mix the plain & the fancy. that's just like life right? i like to think so.

...sooooo s/o to "wok n' roll" for a fun night (i even sang a song or 3), s/o to parking like 4 blocks away & thinking "this was alot further than i thought", s/o to this neckpiece...cause i've warn it much more than i'd thought i would, & s/o to not paying $100 for overalls...cuz the internet be trippin' yo...

outfit ::
neckpiece // buba london
overalls // thrift'd
booties // forever 21(no longer for sale)
clutch // love, cortnie

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

{the embellishment :: moon dust manicure}

let me start with a .disclaimer :: when i was younger i hated pearly white nail polish. it made me think it was for old seriously i remember using it on my grandma & thinking "yea, now that looks good on her"...i didn't even want my mommi to use it... 
fast forward about 20 years...guess who's wearing it now. "old lady jas" ...but the thing is...i've found a way to "young it up". how? the {web haute} way...lets do this. 

i used the white paint to create the bold lines you see on my ring // middle finger (l. hand) & pointer finger (r.hand), those other lovely digits have one thin coat of o.p.i's "funny bunny" & they all have one thin top coat of "kyoto pearl" here's the {web haute} part...2 coats of matte topcoat. this time i used one by revlon...*don't sleep on the revlon polishes*

 what's the point of all the {layering}? it creates depth to your nail look. using an opaque under a sheer allows the color to still come thru w/o looking incomplete, like many sheer polishes tend to. & in this case it makes an "old lady"s choice" look modern, more like i touched the moon. 

so there you have it. another way to wear white polish for the spring/summer!