Thursday, January 22, 2015

{theembellishment} :: just-say-no-to french manicure}

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if you know me...then you know how i feel about french manicures. now, let me start by giving a {disclaimer} 

a french manicure is classic. a french manicure is elegant. a french manicure is manicuring 101.
i know this & i believe all of this...but sometimes, a french manicure can be {dare i say} boring. 

ok! i've said it. it's out in the open for the internet to know!!! ...with that being said, if i don't say so myself - & i do, i can give a heck of a french manicure. but today it was time for a remix. 

don't let society suck you in people...the pink & white is not the end all be all of manicures. the above is proof of that. ;)
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{theembellishment :: quick stitch manicure}

oct - nov :: i rocked almond-shaped gel nail extensions {#webhautenailextend}, which quickly grew out to a gel overlay (my nails grow pretty quickly). i loved the simplicity of the quick-stitch manicure, innovative & easy to replicate. try it. tag me. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

{theembellishment :: broken glass manicure}

...there's nothing like a return of a favorite! i know the posts are few & far between these days but don't act like you don't remember {this look} its "springy-er" form...

but i've found a way to make it edgy & still cute (i always do)...

...& while i was doing that...i've been busy working on a special {collab} w/ the awesome peeps at {color consumption}...if you don't know them yet, you soon will & my work will be all over it. stay ready.

*this pic taken right before i devoured the most delicious ramen in dc...check out my 'gram
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