Monday, March 16, 2015

{the embellishment :: tic-tac-gild}

gold foil is continuing to have it's {extreme} moment... & fortunately for everyone...i've got alot in my case. 
so now, we've got a cute lil window pane number, glossed & was super simple, the most time was spent waiting for the clear layers to dry. 

...repeat after me ::
clear base coat
gold foil
clear top coat x 2
white lines
clear top coat
seriously...don't touch anything yet...
ok you're done. go to bed!

marshmallow // essie
gold foil
clear // butter london

teal coat // h&m

Monday, March 9, 2015

{the embellishment :: del pozo nyfw mani}

images_instagram :: @allure_magazine // @essiepolish 
original polishes used :: essie

copy cat...copy cat...
no shame in my polish game. this {simple} yet elegant look is "fresh off the runway"
::new york fashion week fall 2015::

all you need to complete this look is a matte polish like the one i used here or at least a matte topcoat, a stripper brush, some gold glitter & a steady hand (steady hands - not included)

...hint :: use a glossy topcoat over just the glitter to make the sparkle ::pop:: 

picture me receiving sooooo many compliments + this lil look lasted almost 2 weeks! ...partially b/c there's not much polish to lose//partially b/c my polishing skills are extremely awesome. indeed.

lemme see whatchu got yo!!!

gold // h&m
gold glitter // milani
nail foundation // butter london

Thursday, January 22, 2015

{theembellishment} :: just-say-no-to french manicure}

{as seen on the 'gram}

if you know me...then you know how i feel about french manicures. now, let me start by giving a {disclaimer} 

a french manicure is classic. a french manicure is elegant. a french manicure is manicuring 101.
i know this & i believe all of this...but sometimes, a french manicure can be {dare i say} boring. 

ok! i've said it. it's out in the open for the internet to know!!! ...with that being said, if i don't say so myself - & i do, i can give a heck of a french manicure. but today it was time for a remix. 

don't let society suck you in people...the pink & white is not the end all be all of manicures. the above is proof of that. ;)
.polishes ::
occ // nsfw
mischo // backstage beauty
butter london // nail foundation