Monday, December 3, 2012

{the commentary :: blogger breaks, nail polish dreams & sleep}

when i started {web haute jas} it was initially to sharpen my web design skills & showcase "what i can do's"...but what would be the basis for my ever changing design & content??? & nail polish of course!

...that quickly turned into the focus. but can you blame me? - essentially you do what you know, what you love. i've learned that. as i watch other bloggers i've met, rubbed shoulders with, read every week evolve before my made me think - "who am i?"...blogger-ly speaking that is.

i toss around alot of ideas every week, i fight with my tripod, i attend a bunch of fashion shows & events, i tote my nail polish every where i go - hoping to put a fashion forward spin on the norm & a smile on someones face....are those things reflected here? i hope so. 

but with everything there should be moderation. i think blogging is fun, it sure does take alot of time & focus though, more than i realized. but such is life, when you are doing what you want. all things need to be done in moderation though. i need rest dangit! & to refocus my personal life.

{insert blogger break}

for the month of december i am stepping away from my blog. i want to take the time to revist ideas, goals & content. i want to return to you on the other side of 2013 with a fresh look, more content, fresh nail art ideas & hopefully...the concrete plans to my etsy shop....a long term goal. know, in relationships the other person should never ask you to wait for them...but i'm asking that of you...i'm not disappearing *twitter, instagram* ...i'll be around. & i'll be back.



  1. I did the same thing last year, and the time away was the best thing I could have done for my blog at the time. The Feisty House has grown so much in 2012! I hope you experience the same sense of clarity and direction during your break =)

    See you in 2013!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  2. I completely understand, Jas. I feel off the radar last month as I redesigned my blog and I fell in love with it all over again. So you take a long as you need girlie, I'll wait for you!