Friday, May 16, 2014

{the outfit :: overall saturdays}

"oh what a night!" - elle varner...i can say that about last saturday's girls night. what's better than good food, drinks, & the art of karaoke (as my friend says "kare-oooo-kaaay"). this {neckpiece!} that's what! this isn't a new find, i've owned this for sometime. 

super-quick story :: the styleliner came to d.c. friend & i went to be nosey...i walked off the bus with this stunning (necklace, sparkly shoulder pads, military embellishment) neckpiece bank account shed a small tear & so did i. 
the end. 

so what does one wear to {not-participate-but-laugh-at-friends} sing kareoke? overalls! right. oh & a showstopper of a neckpiece. oh & booties, cute-cute booties. & clutch. ok, i'm dressed now. 

it was a nice night to be out, except for the fact that it was kinda chilly & i should have brought along a jacket. we park & my roommate whips her's out. lets just say i told her she wouldn't be needing it. guess who was wrong?...moooooooving on. you can't see my nails in these shots but they are coming up in a later post. but they just so happen to match my clutch...made by cortie, with love. (see what i did there?)

we get to the restaurant, we are meeting people, some we know & some we don't. unknowingly we walk past "the ones we don't" & are shown to our sing-a-long quarters. when "the ones we know" come in...they say the other half of the group said they weren't sure if "the girl in the overalls & heels was with us or not" that would be me. 

i havn't posted many outfits on here in along time. that is for several reasons. 1 being i just didn't feel like it...but i may do some more here & there if there is a random story to go with it. i am sure my imagination will allow me to come up with something. what you see above is all me. i love to mix the plain & the fancy. that's just like life right? i like to think so.

...sooooo s/o to "wok n' roll" for a fun night (i even sang a song or 3), s/o to parking like 4 blocks away & thinking "this was alot further than i thought", s/o to this neckpiece...cause i've warn it much more than i'd thought i would, & s/o to not paying $100 for overalls...cuz the internet be trippin' yo...

outfit ::
neckpiece // buba london
overalls // thrift'd
booties // forever 21(no longer for sale)
clutch // love, cortnie

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  1. Um, I love that necklace, I have so much I could rock that with! Love love love it! Doesn't look like they carry it anymore.